b. 1986, HK.

February 2017 - Rock Floaty, Keep Steady- Menai Bay - Zanzibar

February 2017 - Rock Floaty, Keep Steady- Menai Bay - Zanzibar



The Kichanga Foundation
The Permaculture School PPIZ
Jambiani Tourism Training Institute
EAC -GIZ- EABC Business Council East Africa
Fumba Town - FTSC
Upendo Zanzibar Hotel & Retreat
Sunshine Marine Lodge Zanzibar
KIKA-Channel TV - Production
The Amazing Race - TAR Israel TV
Colin Vearncombe aka the Musician"Black"
Stown Town Records & Studios ZNZ
Zanzibar weddings - SMK Weddings
Castaway Weddings ZNZ
The British Council in Tanzania - DAR
Baladin Hotel Zanzibar
Moussa DIALLO (musician)


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Zanzifilms Production has been officialy created in 2015. We produce from A to Z high quality videos always with precision and fun and at affordables rates. Mostly Active on Zanzibar Islands our crew can also travel and shoot abroad. Zanzifilms was formely called -Guitoast Media- and gathered at the time video, photography , illustrations and music. Focus is pointed out now mostly on Video Productions.
Guillaume is the initiator of Zanzifilms. He is an independant videographer and Photographer since he could skate down the streets as a little boy. He spends his time mainly between Zanzibar & Europe, travelling there with his mobile Van Studio and his Cameras...
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